it is both a blessing and a curse that my jedi mind tricks work on many women. i am able to receive love from many women, and this sustains me in my loneliness. eventually you grow weary, because you think that i am just playing with you, but i assure you that i do not view this as a game. it is my life, and it is yours.

i develop deep connection with women that i find beautiful both inwardly and outwardly, but the connection exists only on the telepathic plane. since the connection is never manifested physically, and only occasionally on even a first name basis, i feel that i am faithful to all of you.


re: rednow - m4w

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Hello, how you doing today? I am looking for someone to be with and I would like to get to now. I would take you out on date to movie and dinner. IF you are internet to talk and go out when ready, please let me now.

I enjoy camping/hiking, parks, sports. IF you are internet to talk and go out when ready, please let me now.

thanks, talk soon if you internet.


Looking breatful woman

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"I’m not a business man but I drive the car. I’m not a party animal but I like to dress up n have a good time. I suck at lying and I don’t play games playa. Life is good right now, not great. That’s where she comes in.. I’m ready for love but I’ll embrace a lust. I shouldn’t be so picky and either should you. Write your sign in headline to avoid immediately being deleted, just for spam. Write me your schpeal and lets find some polarity."

The nice guy - 30 (Wspfld)

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"im looking for a discreat fuck buddie i dont care about looks or age. i can travel cant host. im DD clean and you should be too, put Friend as subject so i knwo your not spam. and put some sexual things your intrested in trying."

discreat fuck buddie - m4w - 22 (palmer)

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"Anywho, I’d like to further our enchanted moment and get intimate over Ritz crackers and Kraft white american singles. I also have some Boston Red Sox wine entitled “Sauvignyouuuuk blanc” because it’s sauvignon blanc and Kevin Youkilis is on the label. His nickname is “yooouuukkk”, so now the genius insertion of levity is revealed within the name of the wine. Also, I have capitalized all the necessary letters in an effort to honor the proprietory rights of each respective business entity-hey I’m not getting sued as I’m trying to pursue this poetically unrequetted love."

Where were you sweet lady?? OMG! - m4w - 24 (Pittsfield)

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I have been dating, here and there, for the past year. It seems most of the women I meet turn out to be some brand of socialist/marxist. This is NOT what I am looking for. I am looking for someone who understands the importance of individual freedom.

If you do not think that people should be thrown into a gulag for dissenting opinions, please feel free to respond. I’m looking for someone in the 20-30 year old age range; and please be height/weight proportional.


please dont be a SOCIALIST/MARXIST/COMMUNIST… - 30 (springfield area)

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u waited on me and took care of me in my time of need, more then i can say for my cheating wife, i know its ur job and i know u have to treat everyone with the same level of curtisy, BUT YOU WERE PERFECT, not alot of women catch my eye.

I commented on your hair,and i told u hair was one of my things even tho i dont have any,lol

if u read this and u felt a contection like i did, pls write me and tell me what i was there for and ur first name so i know it you,

I THINK U FELT SOMETHING TO, U WERE nervous around me i could tell


nurse - m4w - 999 (pittsfield)
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i am a VERY curious totally str8 guy, team sport swimmer with good body and very large penis
alwy s dreamt of a hot girl orally serving me from behind a barrier with a hole in it (gloryhol)

any ladies who can do this for me? needs to be in area of hadley/northampton—will go as far as
springfield if youre really hot

up to 30yo only plz, but other college girls ar ebest - pics would be awesum but ony need titties lol


my fantasy: penis in a glory - 22 (south hadley)
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"I am joining the priesthood. Women were never meant to be in my life. To all the women who wanted to seduce a priest the only thing I can say is screw you."

Last attempt at finding love before I join the Church - 47 (Northampton)

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"hello, ladies. I am a young sexy beast who is single. I used to be sarcastic and funnier at an earlier time in my life. Then I began caring for some people in my life.Unfortunately, it has made me dull, yet compassionate. I am looking for someone who is looking for a long term relationship and is o.k. to break it off if it just isn’t working but is also will to try to make it work. I have never had sex out of a relationship. I just don’t feel comfortable fucking someone I don’t know. Plus, I don’t trust people and their herpes and shit. I’d like to meet someone who is in agreement with me on this topic."

life time relation (somewhere in wm)

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